Working Papers  

with T. Silva (Central Bank of Brazil)

Presented at: Real Estate Finance and Investment Symposium 2022, FIRS 2022, MFA 2022, NFA 2021, Seminarios SBE de Economia Aplicada (Video in Portuguese) CEPR Endless Summer 2021, EBFin-Brazil 2021, EFiC 2021, AMES 2021, Singaporean Scholars Symposium 2021, Purdue University 2020, BI-Norwegian 2020, NUS 2020, HKUST 2020, CUHK 2020, AFCB 2019, HEC-Paris PhD Workshop 2019, XIII Annual Conference on Financial Stability and Banking 2019, Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Symposium  2019, 1st LBS Alumni Workshop 2019

with J. Skrastins (WashU) and T. Silva (Central Bank of Brazil)

Prizes: Best Paper Award at the Summer Research Conference in Finance, 2020 (CAF, ISB)

Presented at: FIRS 2021, 6h Annual Conference on Network Science and Economics 2019, SBE 2020, Third Conference on Law and Economics 2020, Summer Research Conference in Finance 2020, European Summer Symposium in Financial Markets 2019, 16th Annual Conference in Financial Economic Research by Eagle Labs, CUHK-RCFS Conference on Corporate Finance and Financial Intermediation, AFCB 2018

Prizes: Best Paper Award at the RSFE, 2022

Presented at: Seminários Economia & Defesa da Concorrência (Video in Portuguese), NEUDC 2022, FMA 2022, LACEA 2022, ADE-Pakistan 2022, EEA-Milan 2022, LBS Alumni Workshop 2022, CICF 2022, Lubrafin 2022, RSFE 2022, SIOE 2022, AMES 2022, NASMES 2022, CEPR/Misum/SITE Dev Econ 2022, ZEW Public Finance 2022, FMGC 2022, SBE-Brazil 2021, AFBC 2021, ACFOW-Online 2021

Media: World Bank's Development Impact Blog

with A. Zaldokas (NUS)

Presented at: Bank of Italy Economics of the Public Sector and Institutions Conference (upcoming), EFA 2024 (upcoming), CICF 2024 (upcoming), FMA Asia (upcoming), WFA 2024 (upcoming), CEIBS Finance and Accounting Symposium-Shanghai 2023, CRESSE 2023, Owners as Strategists 2023, Tel-Aviv University 2023, Hebrew University 2023, 11th Annual Lithuanian Conference on Economic Research

with T. Silva (Central Bank of Brazil) 

Presented at: IBEO 2023, LACEA 2021, IFABS 2021, SBE-Brazil 2021 


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E. Colonnelli, V. Neto and E. Teso

Lukas Mergele, Moritz Hennicke and Moritz Lubczyk

Other Publications

Economic Systems, 2017 (with S. H. R. Silva, B. Tabak, and D. Cajueiro)

Economics Bulletin, 2017 (with B. Tabak, R. Ely, J. Amaral, and D. Cajueiro) 

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